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What's up in November ?

Student entrepreneurs' pitch

November 13th

On November 13th students of the entrepreneurship option will pitch for the very first time !

The pitch session will be held in room F502 anf will start at 5pm.

Come over to discover their innovative ideas...

Entrepreneurship Festival

November 16th

Students from the entrepreneurship option and the master Sciences Po - Télécom will attend the entrepreneurship festival. Join us to learn more about how entrepreneurship will change the future of work !

The agenda is : one intense day to get inspired from entrepreneurs, learn from experts, share your experience, meet key players and raise your voice to build your future of work before it's too late !

Workshop with Rhai Goburdhun, founder of Sounds

November 27th

Rhai is the talented founder of Sounds, a young and sucessful B2C startup. (10 000 000+ users!). During this workshop Rhai will firstly share the story of how he built Sounds, highlighting the various challenges he had to face and how he handled them. Rhai will then animate a collective exercise based on students' startups.

Debate : Do you need a tech co-founder to launch your digital startup ?

November 30th

We_Start invites four founders from the startups : Agorize, SoftLaw, Feeligo and TARGO to share their experiences and advice and answer that tricky question : Do you need a tech co-founderto launch your digital start-up ?

We_Start is a student organization from Sciences Po aiming at gathering a community of all types of students interested in digital entrepreneurship.

They organize inspiring events involving students from various universities for them to discover the startup ecosystem and foster their willingness to innovate.

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