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What's up in March for entrepreneurs ?

Being willing to change the world : a driver for entrepreneurship ?

March 5th, 5pm

Every entrepreneur, to start and to persevere in entrepreneurship relies on very personal drivers. Could "changing the world" be one of them ?

Through a documentary he realized, Romain Buquet, phd in entrepreneurship co-founder of a fund dedicated to social startups, let us discover interviews of entrepreneurs who share their commitment, their fears, their dreams.

Within their stories, is raised the question of the role of the entrepreneurs and companies in answering the societal and environmental challenges.

Can entrepreneurs change the world ?

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Saclay Crunch

March 6th, CentraleSupéléc

The pitch session of the most promising startups of the Paris Saclay ecosystem !

Come and discover the startups selected by the Paris-Saclay Seed Fund (Partech Ventures & Kurma Partners) !

12 start-ups will pitch in front of VCs of the fund and the director of the research lab of Cisco France.
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Design & Sciences awards

March 8th, Palais de la Découverte

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Student Entrepreneurship Day

March, 22nd 1pm - Centrale Supélec

More than 70 student entrepreneurs from various universities of Paris Saclay will present their startups and

Come over, Mathieu Giard, from the entrepreneurship option of Télécom ParisTech will pitch Everpass
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Drink Entrepreneurs featuring Kevin Bourgeois

March 29th, 6pm, Design Studio Télécom ParisTech

Kevin Bourgeois started Supermood, a platform to raise engagement and happiness at work, while he was in his 2nd year of master at Télécom ParisTech. They just raised 2,5M.

Come over to know more about their story, and we will follow up with a drink with a drink with the entrepreneurial community !

Stay tuned on facebook/chaireCENE

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