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What's up in February ?

This month, train for public speaking and discover frugal innovation - see below for more info !

Public speaking workshop with Brightness

February 5th, 17pm, Design Studio

Adrien Rivière from Brightness will share with you the finest tips to deliver the message you want to your audience.

Come over at the Design Studio on February 5th and get ready to share impactful messages!

Discover frugal innovation

February 15th, Agro ParisTech

How to do better with less ? How to innovate by integrating agility, sustainability and inclusiveness in the process of development of a product or service?

These are the kind of questions frugal innovation raises and that are very interesting to reflect in an entrepreneurial process.

In the scope of the D2E (student entrepreneur diploma), Sophie Boudin (chair CENE) and Constance Garnier (chair I3F) will present you more precisely what we understand by frugal innovation, the various concepts it includes, and will illustrate it with various example.

The presentation will then be followed by a workshop on student entrepreneurs projects.

All student entrepreneurs are invited to come follow the lecture + workshop.

Contact us for more information or to register !

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