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The Design Studio - The beginning of an ambitious adventure

On June 15th, the companies partnering with Télécom ParisTech came to visit the Studio Design and get to know how it's been used since its opening in March 2017. Here is a quick overview of its activities.

The Studio Design of Télécom ParisTech has been designed to foster students’ projects and enrich the teaching of design, innovation management and entrepreneurship. In this respect, the CENE chair supported by LVMH uses it on a day-to-day basis to support and promote entrepreneurship among students.

As a space that students can access at any time , we don't have an exhaustive overview of what has happened inside in the past three months. However, here are a few observations and figures that we find relevant to share.

Firstly, more and more students are coming to work on their team projects to brainstorm and use the available resources. Some of the resources mostly used are : graphic design softwares, electronic and mecanic prototyping tools, video documentation tools...

Among these student teams who came to work in the Studio Design, 6 teams have been developing their startups, using it as their "professional" space to work with collaborators and store their tools and prototypes. Two of these teams even meet in the space almost every day.

The space also turns out to foster peer to peer learning activities : 3 workshops have been organized by students for students spontaneously . Two were on graphic design one on reverse engineering.

Moreover, 4 entrepreneurship masterclasses gave students valuable tips and reinforced the student entrepreneurial community, and 2 research workshops were held : one on human computer interaction and one on connected agriculture .

Want to know more or visit the space ? Get in touch : !

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