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Students' innovative projects

November is getting colder but students projects have amazing seeds and they keep on growing. Get an idea of their activities below and do not hesitate to get in touch if you want to give them a hand !

Entrepreneurship option

Students from the entrepreneurship option pitched their projects for the very first time this week. Below is a quick preview of their projects.

- Raphaël Chédru created a product to help associations of doctors plan their shifts according to every doctor's wishes and constraints

- Alban de Crevoisier d'Hurbache got interested in reducing the waiting time in emergency services

- Matthieu Giard wants to help retailers choose their location by measuring accurately the average number of person passing by a given place at any time of the day.

- Henri Le Page is planning to create a new platform-based community of writers to help them write

- Matteo Screnci wants to make the renting of luxury accessories for men - such as watches -affordable for young men.

This year the Prix des Technologies Numériques will award French startups, small entreprises and managers that brought impactful innovation in the fields of transport and mobility.

Hortense de Bray, Benjamin Lazard and Florent Votte started to investigate on the field to identify the main actors.

If you know of interesting and innovating actors in that field, send us a mail.

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