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Starting A New Year

The start of the school year was intense and pretty promising for the chair CENE with new students and projects, new activities and the now fully usable Studio Design. Here is an update with the latest news.

During the integration weekend, the chair CENE shared with students the importance of being able to adopt an entrepreneurial approach as a great way to learn and be more prepared to the professional world. To our great pleasure, Mounir Mahjoubi, Secretary of State of Digital Affairs also shared strong messages that we want to promote. Mr. Mahjoubi is a self-taught man on various subjects, in particular in IT, who also took part in the creation of startups. In his speech to students, Mr Mahjoubi highlighted the great power of engineers to understand how things work in a digital world. He invited students to never lose their curiosity for technical issues and take their time at Télécom ParisTech as an opportunity to explore technological innovations. Being able to explore how our world works and test it for real by oneself : that's one of the greatest benefits of entrepreneurship.

This year the chair is involved in 4 student programs

- the entrepreneurship option : an acceleration programs for 3rd year students who want to experiment launching a startup.

- The Master "Innovation and digital transformation" built in collaboration with Sciences Po

- The D2E diploma : for students who are done with there academic requirements and go on launching their startups.

- The price Design & Science designed by Strate in collaboration with various schools from Université Paris Saclay.

In October we will also officially launch the the Studio Design's residency offering students willing to deploy their project on the long run a place to do so. Apply for residence here !

October will also host the first entrepreneurship drink gathering all the entrepreneurial community of Télécom ParisTech... Stay tuned !

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