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MEDIANE - pedagogy and entrepreneurship

The chair CENE took part in MEDIANE, a seminar on pedagogy organized by IMT (Institut Mines Télécom. This year the seminar focused on motivation. What is a motivated students? A motivating teacher ? How can we evaluate and increase commitment?

One of the reasons why of the chair CENE is that we believe that entrepreneurship is a great way to learn. In this sense, MEDIANEhas been a very valuable opportunity to share best practices with other teachers, Indeed, to students willing to experience practical situations of entrepreneurship or those who actually want to launch their startups, we offer a set of courses, workshops and activities that require pedagogical innovation. This pedagogical innovation is an exploration. It is about testing and learning as much as an entrepreneurial project. And getting the opportunity to take a step back with other teachers on what we've tried to implement so far was very valuable.

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