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Innovation Day 2017 at Télécom ParisTech

The CENE presented the 5th edition of Télécom ParisTech's Innovation Day where student-startups and startups from the accelerator ParisTech entrepreneurs presented their projects.
During the Innovation Day, technological innovation and prototype are watchwords : it’s not only about visionnary ideas, it's also about exploring new technological opportunities and sharing these concrete explorations with the audience.
Students and startups pitch in front of an experienced jury which was the following this year:
- Bertrand David : Associate Professor at Télécom ParisTech
- Michel Paulin : CEO of SFR
- Francois Paulus : Co-founder of Breega capital
- Jean luc Vaillant : Co-founder of Linkedin
Three different prices were awarded :
ThingType received the “most promising technological startup” award.

Thingtype makes it easy for professionals to prototype electronic devices

MedGo received the “most promising student startup” award.

MedGo helps healthcare institutions optimize the management of their workforce.

CatKit received the “most relevant student technological innovation” award.

Catkit enables cats' owners to better understand their cat's mood and state of health through the analysis of its meowing and movings

Christopher Rydhal, founder of MedGo

Here is also a list of the other projects presented during the innovation day
Startups from the accelerator "ParisTech Entrepreneurs"

CandyVoice : expert in voice digital processing building softwares to improve communication between humans and communicating devices.
Botfuel : providing enterprise-ready chatbots
Predictice : predictive justice serving law professionals
OwnPage : support media customize their editorials
Student startups
FrameIt : The app that helps you create and share you story boards
The Sneaker Guy : Helps physical sneaker stores optimize their sales opportunities, extending their catalogue with online supply
AlphaCoin : Makes it easy to invest smartly in cryptocurrencies
Pawee : For you to find the right vet at the right time and for your vet to have access to all useful information regarding your pet
Student technological innovations
Guitar LEDgend : get feedback and advice in real time when learning an instrument

Mottalk : helps you improve your accent in any new language you’re starting to learn

Drawbot : the bot that helps you scale your drawings
Defaultfile : a database specifically designed to meet non technical SMBs’ needs

To have a look at the pictures of the event : album

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