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Conference with Céline Lazorthes - Founder of Leetchi and MangoPay

Céline Lazorthes is a brilliant French entrepreneur. This alumni of Télécom ParisTech founded Leetchi and MangoPay and was awarded "most innovative person of the year" by Les Napoléons.

During the conference she shared her story with the students, from finding the idea of Leetchi in an amphitheatre of Télécom ParisTech, to being the entrepreneur she is today.

To the question : what are the key entrepreneurial qualities that helped you go that far with Leetchi ? She answered that according to her it was 1. being persistent and humble 2. Being able to reconcile having the big vision on the one and enjoying the very small steps on the other hand.

Today, Leetchi is the leader of the online money pots in Europe and has 10 millions of users.

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