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Closing 2017 with nice events

Prix Design&Sciences : halfway pitch

The 8 teams of engineer and design students taking part in the prix Design&Sciences on the topic "The others" pitched their projects for the first time.

How can we comunicate when we don't have the same language? How can we increase the link with our grand parents around their fascinating history and life? How could we make the elevator a place to meet ? These are some of the questions raised by students which they try to solve through their projects.

The final pitch and the award ceremony will take place on March 8th at the Palais de la découverte. Contact us if you want to come !

Workshop with Grégoire Henrion, B2C entrepreneur

Grégoire Henrion first launched Mindie in 2013, so that people could share their life in motion with music. After they raised $1.2M in the US, a chinese company built a copycat : which ended up killing Mindie.

But Grégoire Henrion, as an entrepreneur kept up and got involved in other entrepreneurial projects. He is now menthoring many social network startups in Paris on how to build a seamless and almost addictive experience for users.

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